Thursday, January 11, 2007


Hemel oppie Weskus

The Peak office has reopened! And we’re gearing up for a bumper 2007, full of exciting performances and magical music, and many memorable moments for our clients!

We started the week by taking all the staff to the Beach Camp at Paternoster, needing to be able to all get used to seeing each other again, and that we could all come to the office feeling rejuvenated and ready to tackle all the enquiries that came in while we were closed.

And there were many many emails waiting to be sorted out!

So Lenny, Jasper, Kai and I went with our friend Wendy, and also took Angie and her boykie Alex, plus partner Andrew, and Denise, to a part of the world that is relaxing, beautiful and hot. Nestled up against an outcrop of rocks, in a very sheltered little bay, the Beach Camp is pretty unique! You have all the comforts of hot showers, working toilets, a real bed, and if you’re as lucky as we are, a sea-fronted tent. They cook meals for those who need it – things like paella, crayfish, fresh fish caught that day, muscles, and to wash it down there is a great bar to lean against to really admire the view.

So returning yesterday, we all felt refreshed, sun kissed and glad for a great ending to our holiday.

Not that we weren’t working during our off time – we have been working closely with the Jupiter Drawing Room in supplying them with a number of exciting celebrities for the 2007 Woolworths summer campaign, focusing on Proudly South African personalities that we are all proud of.

It started with Roland Schoeman – he flew down to Cape Town last week while we were camping at Hoeppoe Camp in Swellendam for the photo shoot – followed by Zamajobe and Thuli Sitole (ex-Miss South Africa) on Tuesday, Mary-Ann Barlow (known as Jane from Egoli & lead actress in Snitch) on Wednesday, and the lovely Tanya Fourie was in fact being photographed when I started writing this… (Damn. Makes me wonder what I am doing here, when I could actually be there!)

So. 2007. It started with a little bit of heaven on the ‘Weskus’ and so can only be a rocking year ahead. Which is why I thought I would start off with an energetic Fokofpolisiekar’s Hemel op die Platteland.


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