Tuesday, September 05, 2006


Palm String duo classics

One of Cape Town's most popular classical duo's over the last 10 years, must be the Palm String Duo, with Titia Stalling-Blake on violin & Michael Hoole on guitar.

I first met Titia & Mike when we had to do a press shoot as we were appearing together at the Saxonburg Wine Festival in the mid-nineties - and this funky musical couple arrived at the Company Gardens on a motorbike. Not exactly classical transport - but then I have heard that Michael was a bit of a surfer rebel in his day!

Since that first meeting we have used the Palm String duo over and over again for many of our top functions, and as Titia's husband, Dr. Mike Blake also performs with various groups such as the Solid Brass Quartet and Intsholo, we have kept steady contact over the years.

Here is an interview from a few years back, introducing their music and the styles that they play - not only the Classical classics, but they mix it up with some very cool African & Jazz sounds.

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