Saturday, July 22, 2006


Penny-whistling from Langa - Simpiwe Matole

I found this very special little track, Brass Kap van Langa, on the Amampondo 25 Years of Skins DVD (MZADV 003), Composed by Simpiwe Matole, and in which he plays very simple percussion, and is joined by two penny-whistlers, Duke Norman & Luyanda Nbete.

Filmed, directed and edited by Dick Jewell, another Amampondo faithful over many years, it's set at the Cape Point Nature Reserve, a number of years ago.

I love the playfulness of the penny-whistlers almost sparring with each other, going off in different directions, only to come back and compliment each other. Simpiwe just offers so many natural sounds from the bush, that you listen for the crickets dancing in enjoyment as the shots pan to bok in the park. It's beautiful in its simplicity.

Thanks again Robert for letting me share it.

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