Sunday, April 15, 2007


SNG rocks Cape Town!

The Springbok Nude Girls rocked Cape Town on Friday night. Long live the Springbok Nude Girls!

I was there, I sweated, I jumped up & down, I sang along even when I didn’t know the words, and came out feeling very much like the rocker I never was!

The atmosphere was already sweaty after Throatball got the launch going with some hard rock that almost gave me hair on my head! I have to admit that there was much growling that I didn’t understand, but by the end of the set the Nude fans were filling the venue and getting psych’ed up for the main act!

The man, Arno, Arno Blumer, Adriaan Brand (left - we realised not family), Francois Kruger and of course the famous Theo Crous had been out amongst us mere mortals, greeting, back-slapping and pressing the necessary flesh up until just before they got on stage – making it so personal!

But the party really started the moment Arno stepped out onto the smoky hot stage. There is no denying that he is a pro at what he does. His personality, natural & passionate; you can see it in his eyes that every song is sung for the music; from the moment that microphone feels his grip! He dances his own dance. He lives every track.

They started out with Gang Gang, Theo electrifying the air on lead-guitar & Francois setting the beat on drums, thumping the adrenaline straight away, Arno strumming that bass guitar in the back, & Adriaan kitted out in a keyboard cockpit, and launching the concert skyward!

Peace Breaker was appreciated.

The audience of old & new Nude fans got tracks like Looking for Master, Illuminate, with Adriaan’s trumpet sailing through the air – I really want to live forever - Supergirl, I love you, Kill Them For The Country, 1 More Time, and the album namesake Peace Breaker, which just soared upward with such a full sound, it was really amazing. Sweat pouring from the band at the end of 90 minutes, Cape Town knew the Nudies were back!

The VIP room had a mixture of journo’s and sponsors, music people and a few stars, such as Chris Chameleon who had just won a SAMA that night & and was there to celebrate with the Nudies! Arno also invited Atillo, a wheelchair bound disabled SNG fan for many years. He was introduced to the whole band, they signed his copy of Peace Breaker, kitted him out in a t-shirt, and stuck him right in front of the stage during the show – man, was he beaming!

Lenny and I had surrounded ourselves with an awesome team to take care of the launch, with Peak'ers Denise & Angie, being joined by Wendy in VIP, and Francoise (my sis!) at the door. Security really impressed me with Gadiga from Core Security even keeping the moshers from inflicting too much damage! High energy music gets the system pumping, so its good to keep close control on high emotions!

The sound& lighting on the night was from Hellfire, and we had a VJ mixing images onto 2 screens from Little Big Productions. We had a marquee outside from In Tent Productions, with Nice Toilets, and sponsorship from Puma, Nando’s, Red Bull & Smirnoff, Vodacom & 5FM.

Here’s a little teaser, thanks to Sony BMG Music Entertainment’ s Paul Thackwray, of some Nudies energy on stage. See it, feel it, and love it – there’s not much more to add…

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