Tuesday, April 10, 2007


It's a SA music week!

Wow – it feels great to be revived and ready for the week ahead after a nice relaxing long weekend! And we’re going to be needing lots of energy with the Cape Town launch of the new Springbok Nude Girls album, Peace Breaker, happening at the Tafelberg Tavern on Friday night!

There is so much work that gets put into a gig like this; months of behind the scenes stuff that the audience never knows about!

Len & Denise from our side, with Shelly Coetzee, Melanie (Carstens) & Mel’s mom Arlene Machattie from Arno's side have spent hours of talk-time and forests of email planning & preparing, then its over before you know it!

Sitting in a brightly lit venue after the show; once the crowds have sung their way down the road, and the clean-up has to start, you're left feeling drained & elated at the same time. The music & the energy from the audience pulls you through to that point; seeing the pleasure and blood-pumping appreciation during the show, making one feel very proud to be a part of South African music.

The S.A.M.A's are on Saturday; creating new stars, celebrating old stars and hosting a great party I am sure. There are a few artists I am keeping an eye on, and so I will be doing some build-up features before we get there.

So I think its apt that I share a shout-out from one of the nurturers of our traditional music; music from the roots of this country; that real music that is the foundation of all our rhythm. Mzwandile Qotoyi, the oldest (and I say that in the nicest possible way MZ!) founding member of Amampondo, knows about taking the past into the future, as can be heard by the kick-ass sound clip, Hule Lam, by Juno Reactor & Amampondo I’ve included in it.

I’ll be filming something special tomorrow – for you, all my Peakers – another exclusive shout-out by a way cool dude whose passion I want to share with you – so watch this space!

(Rouvanne shouts-out) HAVE AN AWESOME WEEK!

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