Saturday, September 16, 2006


Larry Soffer - Reading your mind!

I am sure more people would like to have business meetings like we do at Peak! In fact people pay good money to see some of the things we get to enjoy from our desks, but even then are never as up close and personal as we are.

Wednesday we were first visited by Magician Ryan Sharp & Scoobie Doo, and then we saw Larry Soffer, South Africa’s only Illusionist & Magician who uses the technique of Mentalism to totally freak your mind. All three of them came to the office to introduce themselves to Bronwin and Nicole (Scoobie couldn't stay long though as he was on to another show).

I have known Larry for many years, from his early days as a student at the College of Magic in Cape Town, when he was only just starting out; he used to hang out at the V&A Waterfront, with another good friend of ours, Jacques Le Sueur – incidently the only Magician in the world to have stolen Nelson Mandela’s Rolex twice in a row (with permission from his bodyguards of course!)

Larry does some mind-boggling mind-reading; he told the girls to each think of a person, and then he provided their names correctly; he ‘saw’ the cards Nicole was holding in her hand, and even knew which order they were in without even coming near the pack; and he felt the energy of objects they were holding in their hands while being totally blind-folded - a two-prong adapter & an old brick Motorola 5200!

We used him earlier this year as a table-hopping magi for the Götheborg welcome day, and our client was so impressed with his close-up magic that they requested him for another show that evening at their gala event.

Larry has even made spoons bend during a talk radio show, and he was very pleased to meet Bronwin, as she was one of the audience listening in to the show on 567 Cape Talk who witnessed this from her own home!

So this was no average meeting! But it was just another exciting day at Peak!

I have included some of his card tricks in this next short film, and you can see from the censored sound-clip that Bron and Nicole were flabbergasted!

I will follow this up soon with more mind-reading - isn't that what you were thinking you would like to see?

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