Friday, June 30, 2006


Goldfish rocked Cannes

Goldfish came to my attention when I saw them live in Cape Town early in 2005, and it was an awesome show. I knew that they were going to go places. But it was only after Lenny came back from WOMEX Newcastle 2005 with their debut CD Caught in the loop, that I knew they were going to take the market by storm!

They recently returned from a quick tour to France and the UK to launch their Caught in the loop, started it all off with a performance at the Lions Festival in Cannes -

GOLDFISH: We were invited to perform in Cannes, France as the headline act for the Big party of the Lions ( kinda the Oscars of the ad world), The SHOTS Party.

2000 of the worlds top advertising exec's bouncing away to some Cape Town vibes - what a way to advertise the country to the world!

GOLDFISH: What a set-up we had.

A FAT Sound rig on the main beach in Cannes, a nice stage, great lighting, a big screen… and 2000 people who had never heard of us before.

Dance floor was packed, jamming to the sounds of Goldfish for our two hour set, with lots of ‘merci beaucoup’ and ‘voulez vouz couchez avec moir….’ floating up from the sand below. Don’t know what they were on about. Our French ain’t so good!

Way to go guys!

After that it was off to England
where Caught in the loop was launched the the UK public.

GOLDFISH: Arrive in London which is quite a culture shock from France, but at least everyone speaks English… and the sun is shining (sort of).

We are playing at a Club called Zulus in Fulham, and its like a reunion for long lost Goldfish fans…so many familiar faces from around the world. One guy deserves special mention(Alex McGee) had been at our gig at Baraza, followed us to our gig @88 in Jozi, and was at our gig in Fulham - all in the space of 10 days! That’s dedication.

The place was absolutely packed and they wouldn’t let us go- but after 2 encores we called it a night and cracked open a couple of cold ones jumped in the crowd and had a big group hug. We are coming back.

It was only a 10-day tour - we're demanding people, us South Africans, and David and Dominic had to rush back home to get on with performances all over the country - including at this years Durban July!

Talk about a high-flying life style! Awesome stuff!

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