Wednesday, July 26, 2006


The Flaming Butterflies

In July 2002, magician Jacques le Sueur and myself were two of the first South African's to be invited to perform at the Pflasterspektakel or Street Performing Festival in Linz, Austria. Its a very hectic festival that draws some 500 000 spectators coming to enjoy some 600 artists over three days!

I met so many talented people there from all over the world, the cream of the street performing crop you could say, with shows varying from musical to magical.

One duo was Alan and Caron from Australia - The Flaming Butterflies - and they really caught my attention!

Together they had the most incredible dance choreographed, twirling fire-staffs and swinging fire-chains in flashes of light and smoke; until they would end up in eachothers arms, without missing a swing or twirl.

Their costumes are way-out, second skins; a modern armour with spikes and ribs sticking, and combined with the music that is created by Alan himself, in studio, their show is a futuristic explosion!

Here is one of their first demo's we received from them, and though Alan also has a solo show available, I will feature that at a later date.

Here are the Flaming Butterflies!

UPDATE: The Flaming Butterflies are unfortunately no longer available as they have each gone solo.

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