Wednesday, July 19, 2006


Thandi Swaartbooi - Women Unite

Community Builder of the Year - Western Cape
We were very happy to see that our good friend and Peak artist, Thandi Swaartbooi from Women Unite, has once again received some recognition for all the wonderful work she does in the community.

Thandi was the overall and youth category winner at the Western Cape leg of the Community Builder of the Year Awards, held at the BMW Pavilion, Waterfront on Friday 30 June. Peak has submitted her information a number of times for these awards, due to all the hard work Thandi does in her community, and this is the second time she has received this award - the first being in 2003.

Thandi has been teaching Thandi's Kids Group - a group made up of 15-18 children from Guguletu for about 7 years, developing their creative and musical skills. The kids have been trained to sing, dance and play traditional musical instruments (marimba's, drums etc).

She was also co-founder of Madame Afrique, which is a unique musical project which celebrates the power if women in Africa.

So Thandi, we thank you for all you have done to advance the community around you and for being so Proudly South African.

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