Monday, August 28, 2006


Alex Nel - in the flesh

Here he is. Alex Nel!

Angie popped in for a cup of tea this morning, and let all Peak'ers have a go at remembering what its like to cuddle with a new-born baby.

Alex was perfectly well-behaved and didn't even hurl on any of us! Which of course only makes him all the more welcome here - been there, dunnit, and had the t-shirt puked on!

At the same time I was very pleased to finally meet Minau Wegner, Shune Narodien and Ana Drury from Sure Travel, based at Bayside Centre here in Table View.

They took their lunch hour to pop through, bring Angie some presents and enjoy a cup of tea with us. Well done ladies - full marks for Client Relations!

060830 Update: I felt so bad I had forgotten everyone's names, I asked Minau to send through the other ladies names, and I got the list of everyone at the Bayside branch - so apart from the mom's mentions above there's also Julie Novak, Charnel Geldenhuys, Carol Andrews & Elizma Coetzee... Thanks for the good work ladies! (I don't always speak to them myself, but I know Peak's happy with the service!)

Alex and Angie will be popping in every so often - I know she is keen to stay in touch with all the excitement happening at Peak. And today was no different!

We're very excited to be assisting a young man through the Reach for a Dream Foundation - more on that later - and we are planning overseas trips for loads of South Africa's best in the near future... but more about those later! That's Alex!

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