Sunday, August 27, 2006


Alex Nel - A Peak Welcome!

The Peak family welcomes Alex Nel, and congratulates mom Angie!

On Friday night at 21h30 Angie gave birth to a 3.8kg little boy by the name of Alex. Mother and son are both healthy, and happily resting at home - but we just know he'll be coming to visit the office soon!

We kept contact with Angie and her family throughout Friday, after she had been induced earlier that morning. Lenny spoke to Angie at about 19h00 in the evening, and we were very excited that the conversation was broken by waves of contractions with Lenny trying to get her to breath.

When we next spoke to her she was relaxed, saying that Alex felt so comfortable in her arms, and full of her own chatty personality again. But she did say that this was definitely the most hectic experience of her life!

It was a stunning weekend in the Cape... and I am looking forward to saying that much more in the near future with Spring on its way - looks like the stork had perfect timing!

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