Saturday, August 05, 2006


A farewell to Oma Marjon

On a beautiful, sunny, Cape Town Winters day, I wanted to just say how great it is to be to here, in a very special place.

South African's often get over-laden with the negative, and of course there is good reason to, but there is so much to be thankful for. There is so much to work for.

Yesterday we sadly, but finally said goodbye to Lenny's step-mother, Marjon Ensing, who had survived 9 years of cancer. She first came to SA in 1995, when Lenny and I got married, and it was the start of a great love she developed for the country and all its intricacies.

In her last few years, she and husband Robert bought a home close by in the Table View area, as she much preferred living here; close to the sea with the long beaches of Blaauwberg, watching the Protea cricket team and witnessing the greatest game ever played, passionately debating our politics as if they were her own.

Her last months here at the beginning of this year were hard, but when ever she was up for it, she remained so passionate and positive about South Africa.

Today I found the South Africa Alive with Possibilities television advert that features so many great names from the political, cultural creative and sporting world. I think that this is the South Africa that inspired Marjon, and in tribute to her I want us all to be reminded of how special it is here.

Hamba kahle Mama Marjon.

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