Wednesday, August 30, 2006


Freedomstars - Stars in their eyes

We had a wonderful meeting this afternoon - with Nick Jooste, a South African living in the Netherlands where he runs several business's that I will feature in the near future.

But today I wanted to start by featuring The Freedomstars - one of the charities that he is involved in. In looking ahead to the 2010 South African World Cup the Stars in their Eyes project aims at ensuring that the greatest sporting event in the world leaves a positive mark on the youth, after the whistles have been hung up and the focus shifts elsewhere.

Using 40 Soccer Clubs in disadvantaged communities, in partnership with local supporters, and engaging the same in Europe, the two sets of clubs and communities will enter into twinning agreements. This will see a professional team of managers implementing a 5-year plan in which coaches and players from European participant's, and mentors from South Africa possess the necessary skills to transfer the Stars model to developing countries throughout Africa.

Pretty cool.

Their results are optimistic, and I like that about this project! Apart from putting a team together to play at the opening of the 2010 WC, they will be using sport to give disadvantaged communities some hope, access to more health facilities, more schools will be able to transfer knowledge, apart from the fact that Bafana Bafana might just benefit too!

There will be some musical projects for the future as well, but more on that as it happens!

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