Friday, September 15, 2006


The Week Whizzed by

What a week! And to think that it is already over!

I haven't had a chance to get anywhere near here, to post what has all been happening, and where I have all been, but will make a plan that I am not so quiet in the future. (We've just bought ourselves the new 3G HSDPA through Vodacom, and so can connect from anywhere in the world!)

This only means that there is much to catch up on and some cool stories to tell; ; how I enjoyed watching musicians jam on a farm outside Cullinan, Pretoria; we received the most awesome Magic & Mentalism show at the office on Wednesday;
there was a trip to Johannesburg for the start of a roadshow; and about all the exciting DVD's that I have been promised that'll be featuring here; and how the entertainment-blood flows through the family veins with some cool performances.

So this weekend there should be lots of fun things appearing here - so come back soon! I still can't believe its a week since Jasper and his buddy Shaun made their first braai in the garden!

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