Wednesday, October 04, 2006


I am an African

My dad called me up last night, “I have to read on your blog that my grandson had stitches, and there haven’t been many updates since!” – I know it’s been awhile since I added! But I have been roughing it in the country-side!

We had such a hectic week last week, that the Bergies escaped the Cape with our friend Wendy and her kids, Stanley & Rosie. And so we ended up at the foot of the majestic Langberg mountain range just outside Swellendam, at a small camping site called Hoopoe Camping, which is part of Braham van Zyl's Swellendam Kloof Holiday Farm. Its nestled right below what is known as 12 o’clock Peak, surrounded by Pine forests, hills covered in fynbos and a patch-work quilt of green farmlands.

We needed to re-energise. And what a place to do it in.

Ok – we had quite abit of rain over the last 2 days, and today wasn’t as much fun getting caught in several rain storms while trying to pack up camp! But even that couldn’t take away from the beauty!

Swellendam is special to me, as my dad & I used to come to Bontebok National Park every December/January, and because our camping partner Wendy used to live here. The national park has been under renovation since April this year (opening in December again hopefully) and so we ended up at the foot of this kloof, one I didn’t even know existed – it’s so like Natures Valley in its natural beauty and wild, green growth! Just stunning!

I think most importantly, it reminded me of what a proud South African I am. I drive just along the road and am just amazed at this country moves me. How much there is here for us to work for, not only to preserve for generations to come, but to enjoy ourselves too, so that we can share with others!

So to start my week, I want to remind everyone of President Thabo Mbeki’s words – before he had the official title – made in May 1996 – I am an African! And damn proud too!

Here I have been raving about how beautiful this start to summer has been, but while driving through the Hex River Valley we were shocked to see that there was actually snow on the mountains! No wonder we had to buy extra blankets, and made use of our heater every night!

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