Tuesday, October 17, 2006


Jasper van den Berg sings

Ahh, the joys of being a parent when you have as wonderful boys as Lenny and I do. Jasper (6) & Kai (3) bring so much fresh air into our lives daily, and though we might be accused of being somewhat biased, I feel myself swell with pride at having two of the most beautiful, clever and well-behaved boys in the world!

Working from home we are able to spend more time with them in that we can be there when they need our help to get off the jungle-gym, pour them a chocolate milk or cycle down the Rietvlei; while at the same time we do also spend long hours in the office to get through the loads of work that we have to deal with every day – so in some ways we win, and others we lose.

But being there when your son comes home from school, as Jasper did one afternoon at the end of last year, and he says, “Papa, I want to sing you a song”, I couldn’t be happier being able to see it first hand, and fresh from the mouth of babe, then that I was holed up in some office far away at that moment!

So, today I introduce a new voice on the South African music scene; a star in the making; a gem that gleems and sparkles even though its as yet uncut; and the pride of Papa’s eye – Jasper van den Berg.

PS – please note, all fan mail can be sent directly to me, all marriage proposals will be dealt with, though do expect delays due to the masses of proposals we know will arrive!

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Hi Rouvanne,
as I also know about the pleasures of having a young talented child I really enjoyed seeing Jasper being such a sweet singer. And my 1 and a half year old daughter Helen always said "mal" (her short form of "nochmal" which is in English once again) after Jasper finished his song. Finally she also did handkissing and smiled...so, it is time to visit you in Capetown ;-)
Lots of greetings...we enjoy your lively blog here in Germany!!
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