Wednesday, November 15, 2006


Jabu Khanyile - Mmalo-We

We were away in Hermanus this past weekend taking some time out in an old family home that Wendy had arranged. Though pretty windy, it was just what we needed to regroup, relax and feel energized again. (Right - Len at De Kelders)

On Monday morning I went and sat on the rocks, over looking Grotto Bay and the many whales that were frolicking in the water, hoping to catch some fish for the supper table – or at least just get a bloody bite for a change! I’d been out to buy the Cape Times earlier, and so while sitting there enjoying the fresh sea-breeze, the magnificent beauty of the whales, and feeling the sun soak into my skin, when I was suddenly shocked to read about the passing of Jabu Khanyile.

I can’t go on about how many artists we have lost, when it is what I said just a few posts ago, but it left me feeling truly shocked and stunned. What a loss.

Jabu was one of those truly special South African artists; he first made impact on the local music scene in the 1980’s with the music group Bayete which caught the attention of Chris Blackwell, who released a 'Mmalo -We' on his World Music label Mango.

In 1994 Jabu earned himself South African Music Awards for Best Male performer of the year and Best Song of the year (Mmalo-We).

We had more to do with Jabu after the release of his solo album Wankolota, through Gallo, in 2003 – a track that brought him much playtime and exposure around the world.

We had negotiated on his behalf for a number of contracts, and were even forward a letter of apology from the German government from when he appeared earlier this year at the World Cup and that crazy man tried to injure the audience by driving his car into them!

We will miss him for his style and his passion for Africa, but at least we have his music to keep him alive.

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