Thursday, November 30, 2006


No more Mo the Meerkat

It’s another absolutely beautiful day today, and every day so far this week, which I thought I would just rub in, for those who are stuck in offices, underground, or anywhere else other than Cape Town.

Our offices have been klapped by a tummy bug, and so with most of our staff flat on their backs, there has just been too much to do, to be able to get more articles out.

It has been a busy week… which is why I haven’t had very much to tell!

That was until I was having a quick read at Cherryflava… and watched Mo, the Vodacom Meerkat meet his maker! Excellent! Beats the Leeuloop any day! So enjoy it folks, and spare Dozi a thought – his ad hasn’t had too many mentions…

Wow that is really cool.... he could have tortured him abit more first but at least he met his end.... rocking
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