Wednesday, January 24, 2007


It's hot hot hot in Cape Town!

Cape Town is in the middle of a heat wave. It’s a scorcher outside, and no matter how many times I jump into the pool, as soon as I get out I feel like I need another swim. (I think only the Koi in my mom's pool are cool today!)

I have found myself wondering a number of times over the last month about how the weather is so different to what I remember as a young boy growing up on the slopes of Signal Hill & Lion’s head.

There seems to be much more wind; while the rain and cold weather we had in Swellendam at the end of December was weird! I had to take a drive into town to get blankets after a very cold night, but at the same time had to stock up on ice, as we needed cold drinks to soothe the heat…

My father and young brother Tom (16) were here for a 2 week holiday over Christmas time from the Netherlands, having left at the beginning of the month, and even they were amazed at how the weather could change in a few hours. From hot to cold, and then straight away from cold to hot again.

We had a great time while they were here, and as it isn’t often that I have my little brother here, nice to be able to let him experience our lifestyle here, the evening walks on the beach, fishing (pictured left behind Jasper at Melkbosstrand), afternoons at the pool, and of course, nice big fires with the African sunset.

My dad made a short clip of Tom’s time here, and I just love the ending (before it goes into black screen right at the end!) – a typical sunset in the van den Berg household…

Keep it cool people!

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