Monday, February 05, 2007


Arno Carstens marries Mel!

I was standing in a queue at our local Spar on Friday when I glanced over at the magazine section and spotted the 8 February You Magazine, which I would normally NEVER do, but immediately bought the copy for the office! On the cover is a picture of Arno & Mel (nee Machattie) Carstens – newly wed at the idyllic Hakuna Majiwe Lodge, on the South East Coast of Zanzibar.

We’d been dealing with Arno’s office intensively over the last 3 weeks, as we are in hectic planning stages of the Santam gig where he will be collaborating with Gloria Bosman; and we didn’t have a clue! Nobody said a word! (Ok… Peak People: An inside Look certainly doesn’t have the budget of You Magazine I admit!)

We sms’d Mel immediately to congratulate her and Arno on behalf of the Peakers, and she replied that she was glad that it had been kept a secret, as they had the most awesome, private time together with family and friends., and that it was the best 12 days of her life… Arno did 'wash her sandy feet with water and rose petals'...

Len and I have been married for 12 ½ years in April – so I can only tell Mel that things just get better with time!

So South Africa – our most eligible rock bachelor is no longer eligible, and gentlemen… I think we need to all drink to Arno’s good fortune – because a very lovely lady has been scooped up, and swept away!

In honour of their most beautiful wedding, I give you a little clip of weddings that they can be thankful, definitely, didn’t happen at their – otherwise You would have seen it!

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