Tuesday, February 27, 2007


Happy birthday Stuart Taylor - now go see his show!

Today is local comedian & magician Stuart Taylor’s birthday, and the office was very happy to be the first people to sing ‘Happy Birthday’ to him! And what a day to have a birthday on!

Blue skies, just a slight breeze to cool the air, one or two puffy little clouds, sunlight warming everything, and my garden is just full of flowers! It is a wonderful time of the year in SA – and I couldn’t imagine wanting to be anywhere else in the world. Another reason why SA Rocks!

Stuart, know to most of South Africa for his appearances on the wonderful SABC 3's travel program Going Nowhere Slowly, is a Science gradute from Stellenbosch University - making him quite an intelligent chap! We first started dealing with him as a magician, as he was 3 times South African Magic Champion, but always knew that it was his comedy that made him 'stand-up'...

So, Stuart, we hope you have an awesome day!

07/03/08 UPDATE: Stuart mailed me this morning to get this poster of his new show out to you, and so here it is... Go out there and support your local funnyman!

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