Wednesday, March 14, 2007


1st Project @ ICC World Cup!

This morning Angie came up to me and asked me why the flag wasn’t hanging out. It’s a small Dutch tradition we practice at the office, hanging the flag (both SA & NL) out on important days, public holiday’s or in memory or respect of events. I looked at her slightly dumb-founded, and then remembered that today is her birthday… Happy happy Angie (and a congrats to Alex on his mom!)

So our flag is fluttering away in a slight breeze, which is thankfully cooling us on another stunning Cape Town day.

A little later we are meeting up with Arno Carstens (I am not going to tell you where, as I would hate for him to be embarrassed by the fans climbing over him to get me to sign autographs… (Being a 2007 Best SA Music Blog finalist is a demanding position!) We are going to be discussing the Springbok Nudies Cape Town launch of their new CD Peace Breaker, as they have asked us to handle to production from this side – but more of that later!

Angie sent through a YouTube posted video this morning of the opening ceremony of the ICC Cricket World Cup, featuring 1st Project and the Drum Café.

The problem with it is, much to our irritation, that 1st Project wasn’t credited at all during their performance, with the commentators saying a number of times that the group appearing is the Drum Café.

1st Projects industrial drumming style is a totally different style of performance, and sound, to the more African based rhythm of the Drum Café – as can be seen and heard when they collaborate at the end of the clip below.

My highest number of hits on my site occurred in December last year after 1st Projects show was broadcast on MNet – everyone wanted a piece of them. Their energetic and bloody funky show Play It to Break It, also out on DVD, is making a huge impact here and abroad. They have been signed to a US based record label, and will be moving there later this year to get this new path of their career on the road. Very cool!

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So here is their performance in Jamaica, but don’t forget to check out their other two video’s that I have presented here, and here.

Have an awesome day people!!!

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