Monday, March 26, 2007


Brendan Jury is no urban creep!

I had a really good heart-to-heart with Brendan Jury last weekend after the Arno & Gloria gig for Santam. It’s always difficult sussing out ‘stars’ when you first meet them – except Elana Afrika of course, who fills the room with positive energy – but Brendan was chilled and ‘real’.

I have this habit of only really researching artists after I have met them – for some strange reason – but I suppose it has to do with the vibe I get from them as to whether I am really interested or not. I had the same when I met and interviewed Patrick Duff (Strangelove) a few years ago – it hits you like a klap to the back of the head when you realise that this person is actually a big star! And so with Brendan; on reading more about him online I discovered that he is also part of the Rock group Ohm (thats apart from the very successful
New Porn, Urban Creep & TransSky with Warrick Sony of the Kalahari Surfers) – another project that Robert Trunz has had his fingers in! And I bet you thought MELT only did traditional music?

Ohm was a project that was described by Direction Magazine in March 2000 as, ‘Part frightened child, part rabid cur, the music snaps around your ankles, sometimes retreating, sometimes advancing; from world-weary rock ballads to an ambientesque drum’n’bass. At times I was put in the mind of David Bowie’s younger days, but not for long enough to be lulled into any secure places.”

As we do enjoy doing, we hooked Brendan up with Pops Mohamed after he'd said that he wouldn’t mind doing a collaboration together. One call and Pops was immediately keen to do something in the future – of course we will keep you updated!

We got this email from Brendan this morning:

I’m still feeling good after our gig with Gloria on the 17th.Its been a long time since I’ve felt so happy and warm and I must thank you and your husband for an incredible evening. I watched the DVD yesterday and I must also thank you for that-it is really an amazingly comprehensive document. I was so inspired that I composed for ten hours straight afterward.

Wow. That’s cool! Our DVD CD Combo – Freedom to Celebrate – isn’t out on the market yet, as we have just been too focused on gigd – but to know that someone like Brendan was so inspired by it, that he went off to create for 10-hours afterward… That’s special.

Hope the Autumn weather you having is as good as ours! Have a great week folks!

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