Wednesday, March 28, 2007


I am a geeks ass!

I have been pretty nervous about going to the Cape Town 27 Dinner – or Geek dinner as its being referred to in our house – I’ve just never met another blogger, and that coupled with having to arrive in a room filled with strangers, had me pacing around, for what I thought would be my first Geek experience. But juslike I’m a poephol! Considering that the dinner is only NEXT month!

This afternoon I went out and bought a new shirt. I wanted to look snazzy. After all, I would finally get to meet some of the Cape Town heavy-weight’s like the cerebral Mike Stopforth, and Dave Duarte who talked me through my first wikixperience, or the verbally luscious Maximllian Kaizen on whose words I often let my eye's go 4x4'ing, and maybe get so close to the now internationally renowned Teria Albertyn that some of her glitz rubs off… And of course, see for myself what all this Storm(hoek) in a tea-cup has been about.

So I set off for the Protea Hotel Victoria Junction with much fanfare from the family, all waving me off in the street. I was a little concerned, I must admit, that I hadn’t seen much chat about it amongst the local bloggers, and had written to Dave asking him if the venue was definite, but I set off anyway, looking suave, in my new shirt christened with its first spray of Jean Paul Gautier.

The lady at reception (naturally) looked a little perplexed when I asked her if she could direct me to the venue of the 27 Dinner where there would be about 80 people… Had she forgotten something? Who screwed up? So she phoned a few people, who had to ask other people, who too were all left feeling perplexed. By now that gnawing feeling that something was not right had eaten half my left leg, so I hobbled out the hotel, into my car and logged on to the site to just check if I had it right.

That’s when I noticed that the heading very clearly stated 27-4 Cape Town 27th April 2007 – ok, I had to count on my fingers to see where I was, 1 2 3 January February March April… and then everything fell into place and…


BWAAAAAHAHAHA - (deep in-take of air) – WAAAAA HAAAA…


… this carried on for quite awhile, you must understand. I was quite uncontrollable, slapping my leg, clutching my tummy, squeezing out tears. During all of this, I had my windows open to keep cool, as I was suffering from a slight nervous clamminess, and so a local, strolling Green Point resident, sans a number of front teeth, heard all the commotion and arrived at my window.

When he saw that no-one was being murdered, he grinned, he cackled, and then ‘pissed’ himself laughing with me – which sent me into further uncontrollable snot-slinging-tummy-cramping laughter…

(repeat chorus)

We laughed like this for a few minutes, me at myself and him at this crazy whitie, and then he turned and hobbled off, wiping the spittle from his shaking head. I started the car and headed for home. (Along the way I did relive the laughter a number of times; every time I thought I am just not worthy to even be a geeks ass if I can’t make sense of the date! But I had to keep the car on the road, so the outbursts were briefer.)

Strangest of all, and totally unrelated, was when I entered the hotel, that the first person I saw standing at the reception was none other than Arno Carstens. He looked confused to see me, but then he had been sleeping all day after just arriving back in the morning from a Springbok Nudies gig in the UK. Lenny had been talking and emailing and stressing all day regarding next months launch of Peace Breaker that we’re doing, and then I bump into him somewhere where I ultimately wasn’t supposed to be. Very strange.

But at that stage my sinuses were still blocked, and I hadn’t yet shared a blerry good laugh with another Bergie!

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HAHAHA! Rouvanne! What an epic writeup:) Hopefully there will be more of these in Cpt.
As for me - eish... hungover from 27jhb
Looking forward to meeting!
hahahaha! classic!

look v forward to meeting you at the REAL dinner next month.

you want me to send you a sms to remind you or something?

Rouvanne, you do know that there was that evening a real GeekDinner on somewhere in Constantia.
well I'm gonna be cruisin' through YOUR terrain a whole lot more now that the trail's been blazed - looking forward to the new look neighbourhood next month too ;-)
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