Thursday, March 29, 2007


SABlog Awards shout-out from BVK!

This morning I had a meeting with Mr Fat, from Cape Town’s famous Hip Hop group, Brasse Vannie Kaap. Catching up on what the group has been doing nationally and internationally was very cool, because these guys are into some inspirational stuff!

Mr Fat was telling me how they have been giving workshops, not only to schools and kids in their local communities, but how they have also been going out to prisons to promote Hip Hop as a way of life.

That might seem strange to some, but we get so much of this false gangsta rubbish from the US and UK, that BVK wanted to show that their way of doing things over the last 10 years has kept them on the straight and narrow, with goals, instead of dreams, to give them reason to get up in the mornings.

I am going to be going along to one of their next workshops soon to see for myself, and so will have more info about that then.

But now, apart from mentioning that BVK has a new album out Ysterbek (KMD009), I was pleased when Mr Fat got enthused about the SA Blog Awards that are going to be held tomorrow night. He understands that value of an alternative form of media, and wanted to send all the finalists a shout-out of support! (Thanks to Rowan from MyVideo for sorting me out! You can still see it here too!)

Have a great day folks!

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Legendary! Thanks for this guys:)
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