Tuesday, April 17, 2007


EverestSA2007 - Update 03

I received this update this morning from my uncle and the 2007 South African team attempting to conquer the N.E. Ridge of Mt. Everest. It incorporates some of what I have already updated, but this is straight from the horses mouth!

Everest Newsletter 16th April 2007
The South African Everest team met in Kathmandu on the 3rd of April. We spent four days doing our final preparations before departing for Base Camp. The drive of 350km was taken over 5 days, so that we could carefully begin our acclimatisation process. Base Camp is 5 200m above sea level and the views of the mountain are spectacular from here.

We have settled into Base Camp life and will spend 6 nights here before we move up to Advanced Base Camp at 6 450m above sea level. The weather has been superb although the nights have been cold with temperatures dropping to minus 15ºC.

Our high-altitude Sherpas and kitchen staff moved up to Advanced Base Camp on Saturday, along with 20 yaks each carrying 60 kgs of communal equipment and food.

On Sunday morning we managed to have a warm shower - our first clean-up since leaving Kathmandu on the 7th of April. Baby wipes have had to suffice for the last 8 days.

The team have decided upon their climbing strategy and we are all getting on extremely well. We remembered to pack in our sense of humour and consequently are enjoying some great laughs together.

Roberto Trostli once wrote "To walk along the level road requires little will but climbing up the mountainside develops strength and skill and those who choose to stay below may seek and never find the riches that will be revealed to those who dare to climb."

Warmest regards from Base Camp

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