Thursday, April 19, 2007


EverestSA2007 Update 4

This morning I received an sms via my mother, from my uncle John, who is sitting at the base of Everest, saying that he is feeling wonderful. Their internet is still down, so they are only expecting to receive emails next week. But there is worry about team leader Ronnie, who injured his back.

16 April - After breakfast the team did an acclimatisation climb above Base Camp. We climbed to 5600m on fairly precarious terrain. Where on one occasion Ronnie slipped and hurt his back. The afternoon was spent preparing to move up to Advanced Base Camp.

17 April - Ronnie struggled to get out of bed this morning. His back had gone into spasm due to yesterday’s fall and he will probably not move up to Advanced Base Camp with Mike, John and Andy tomorrow, as a full recovery is imperative before going higher. He has been taking anti-inflammatories to help ease the spasm and pain. John made his famous bully beef stew for lunch, which went down like a storm. (I suppose sitting in such conditions boiled-boot would be great! I prefer John's curry!)

18 April - Early this morning Ronnie was carried on a stretcher to the communications tent where a lady doctor from the Russel Brice expedition gave him some powerful drugs to ease the spasm and pain. For 6 hours he was out for a count, Mike, John and Andy left for Intermediate Base Camp and then on to Advanced Base Camp. Ronnie will join them later in the week.

I’ll be keeping a close eye on updates, and will post anything I hear. Lets hold thumbs he gets sorted out!

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