Thursday, April 12, 2007


i am in awe

OK - I am excited! I have been mentioning that we are in the process of imploding our present look, and that there should be a huge explosion when we hit the road running with our new corporate image, around the end of the month, beginning of the next. And of course, it also means that I am also going to get the blog a magnificent new set of clothes!

Iaminawe are incredible (Gregg & you guys). I wanted a warm African design; one that spoke of the powerful emotions that this continent evokes, warm deep colours, full of the silhouettes of people, performers, & African design.

I wanted it to show some of the spirit of South Africa, and I think we're damn well getting there! More to come.

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...the blog a "new set of clothes"

Remember the "Empire's New Clothes" ... it's all in the content *wink*

I like your blog ... I am from Michigan USA ... Motown Sound ... I am enjoying learning about the music from SA =)
Thanks Nancy!

Well I am hoping that my content just lives up to the new threads... up to now I have cringed a little with the design - but am always excited to tell more about the artists we're passionate about!

Thanks for stopping by!
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