Thursday, May 31, 2007


EverestSA2007 Final Update - Coming Home

The Everest SA 2007 team of my uncle John Brand, my 2nd cousin Michael Patteron, and team leader Ronnie Muhl will finally be arriving at Cape Town International Airport at 19h35 tomorrow.

There hadn’t been much news of late after Mike & Ronnie had successfully summitted on the 23rd of May. John obviously didn’t have any way of communicating with home after he had gone down to Base Camp from about 7 800 meters, and from there to Kathmandu, and only after Mike & Ronnie were on their way down did updates come in.

The trio was reunited on Sunday the 27th, and have been spending this week relaxing and getting their energy back.

We’re incredibly proud of all 4 of the team; Ronnie, Mike and Andy van der Velde for reaching the summit, and John for going almost a 1000 meters higher than he had been before. If John (58) had reached the top he would have been the oldest South African to summit, but this time the honour had to passed on to someone else, and younger in the family with Mike (55) now holding the record.

Amazing stuff!

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