Friday, May 04, 2007


EverestSA2007 Update 6

I received a message this morning from Andy van der Velde, via my mother who has been pretty stressed at not hearing anything new from the slopes of Everest. It can freak you out just not hearing anything, and one tends to fear the worst! (My dad & unc in December right)

Andy's sms said:

Hi, this is Andy. John got quite sick, mostly due to a tummy bug and lack of sleep. He went down to Base Camp where a doctor fixed him up. He’s looking fit and strong now. He’s running a few days behind us, we are down at 4200m and John is up at 7050m. We will all be back on schedule together in a few days. I will pass on your wishes. Don’t worry, as I saw him 2 days ago and he really is better. Andy

So – that’s as much news as we’ve had. Everest is a hell of a thing. If you don’t know anything about it, check out the program that has been showing on Discovery Channel ‘Beyond the limit’ – its very sobering!

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they are fine, well that's what matters most, isn't it? i hope they scale the everest! best wishes to them...

mountain climbing is hard...i cannot do it, esp on the himalayas where the air is thin...i do trek sometimes and i am from the himalayas...

tell them to watch out for yetis:)
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