Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Fokofpolisiekar and the dancing fat lady

I had mentioned earlier that I thought that the Fokokpolisiekar’s were going to be calling it quits, and following their own directions, and that after what was probably their most successful year.

Today Denise sent through this article from 24.com, in which they not only touch on some of the local and international skinder, but also had this to say:

Contrary to popular belief, (and recent press statements) premier SA Afrikaans Rock act Fokofpolisiekar are set to play a few more shows before going their separate ways.

Lead singer Francois van Coke has already been performing extensively as a solo act, gently numbing the pain of grief-stricken fans throughout SA.

Be sure to catch them at these shows:

9 Aug 2007 - Oppikoppi (Northam)

10 Aug 2007 - Coca-Cola Dome (Johannesburg)

11 Aug 2007 - Velodrome (Bellville)

29 Sep 2007 - OppiAarde (Potchefstroom)

Our only question is this: are they going the way of the Nude Girls? Who released an album called The Fat Lady Sings, but didn't actually disappear. It turned out the Fat Lady would sing anytime the price was right.

Some groups are better left un-together, but I didn't hear anyone complaining that the Police got on stage with each other earlier this year?

So if the fans still love the Nudies, and if Fokokpolisiekar want to get together again in 5 years time to play Die Dik Dame Dans, so be it then! Arno is doing very well with New Porn, and I am sure that if Boo ever had to get back together again, Chris Chameleon's solo success would certainly help sell tickets and albums!

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Its a real shame to lose them... they single handedly altered my perception of Afrikaans music!
Ja, it is a shame. But we will be treated to different creativity from the guys, who will be going their own way, mixing with other musicians and doing projects they might not have been able to do within the confines of a group. Ultimately, it means your CD/mp3 collection will expand - and thats great!
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