Tuesday, May 15, 2007


SA is alive with music!

One of the things that I have always told people I meet, and especially foreigners who enquire about the state of South Africa, is that we have so many possibilities here that no dream is too big and small (right - like the San appearing in clubs)

We haven’t got all the answers, and there are still so many solutions to be worked towards, but that doesn’t mean that South Africans will give up. We have a big job to do in this country; so I feel that we might as well enjoy doing it!

I wanted to present a little clip given to me by Pops Mohamed, who is currently performing in Oslo, Norway, for which he created the music. It is from the S.A. Alive with possibilities ad campaign, where Pops created the soundtrack using all the day to day sounds that fill the air on our streets. I really felt uplifted after watching it!

Hopefully you’ll feel the same!

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