Saturday, May 26, 2007


South African Blog Roundup

Big Blog Directory and SA Rocks are co-hosting a South African Blog Roundup and I am participating…”

1. Why does South Africa “rock”?

South Africa rocks because this country is in the first phase of a new period of history.

No learning curve is without accident, speed-wobble or hot-headedness; the point being that it is a learning curve, and we have to deal with issues that have always been avoided in the past, in new and creative ways. But the lessons we have learnt, and those still to learn, will make us stronger of character, determination, and hopefully give us a more focused will to ensure that we create our own destinies.

SA rocks in that within one generation people have the ability of rising out of poverty and creating wealth through entrepreneurship & ingenuity; where the child of a domestic worker can go to university, where a goat-herd can become president…

I want to be a part of a rocking South Africa because my heart lies beneath the vast expanse of this blue sky; it travels fondly over the dusty roads that lead to nowhere and back; it beats to the ever-increasing urban-groove that is waking a giant of the future; it soars over the peak’s and ridges, swooping through the lush valleys and smokey townships where mass-action spurs the grand-mothers, the social workers, the street-side sellers, the neighbours and families to reach out their hands in ubuntu; where children smile together because they have hope; hope that we will all follow our hearts, to make this the place where we all want to be.

South Africa rocks, and I am going to carry on rocking with it!

2. Why do you blog?

I blog because I am passionate about being part of an age where information can get to the furthest reaches of humanity in moments. I am able to give voice to thoughts, opinions & make suggestions for change; to provide a platform on the world stage to those who do not have the means; and to become part of a broader international community that shares for the good of that community.

I blog because I want to make a difference.

3. What are two of your favourite posts?

Is SA Rocks bullshit - A Post By Ian Gilfillan
This post sums up so much of what I want to say, but often can’t, because my arguments don’t want to stand tallest-to-shortest!

Mavis is clearly on drugs
I think Mavis must be a favourite local comedian – telling her buddies of how she mind-f**ked her boss for the day – and that she will ultimately release a book titled “How I got Seth committed”.


These are thoughtful answers. Thanks for participating in the blog roundup. (Leon of Big Blog Directory).
Hi there, Hurrah just found a SA blog that's not one big advert! Perhaps you can help me: please tell me where I might find some SA bloggers who are on my wavelength?
If you visit my blog you'll find out where I'm at (female, arty)and may be able to direct me to some other like-minded bloggers.
My novel 'A Little Blue Jacket' (Liberty Books) just came out in paperback in SA if that helps pigeon-hole me.
Many thanks, Lucy Ann White
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