Wednesday, May 16, 2007


Urban Zulu queen fights alone

Busi Mhlongo is ill. And very few people seem to care about it. Suffering and recovering from her second bout with cancer, it was reported in this weekends City Press that she has just had her right breast removed, but remains positive about her recovery.

Busi is an artist that deserves love and respect. Her life has been dedicated to making music from the soul of South African people, and every time one of her tracks is played around the world, listeners are touched by very powerful emotions.

She has had a tough life, having to make choices during her time that sacrificed spending time with her daughter, Mphumi, not being with her husband Early’s (a drummer for Dollar Brand), and being everywhere in the world, except in the one place she could home. Home.

I have said before of how Busi is the one artist in the world who has truly moved me when I stood transfixed at one of her sound-checks. There is very little music out there that has the power, the space-filling ability, and most of all, the ability to move audiences, than Busi’s contribution to our collective culture.

Urban Zulu is still one of my favourite CD’s, and even though I feel that her album Freedom sounded like it had been recorded in a tin-can, you still know that this lady is a gem.

Busi is ill, and the music industry needs to help her. Pitso Molemane, spokesman for her label Chisa Records said, “Honestly, we are not aware of her problems. It is news to me. If that is the case, then as the company we will get involved to ensure that she gets well. She is our artist and we love her and wish her a speedy recovery.” Yes. We all wish her well, but I wonder what the label will do to “ensure” she gets well.

Ukhozi FM manager Welcome “Bhodloza” Nzimande said in the article that the station had under-taken to raise funds to pay for the escalating medical bill that has already reached R500 000, and Busi is surviving on hand-outs.

She is being treated on a radiotherapy machine on a daily basis; she’s lost lots of weight; is losing her hair and battles to breathe… but Busi says that she isn’t going to die yet, she just needs to get through the problems that her treatment is causing.

Busi Mhlongo needs our love (and money!).

I have featured this vid before - Uganga Nge Ngane (You're playing around with this child) from Urban Zulu BW2118SA - but you can never get enough!

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Hey, isn't it sad what celebrities go through? I'm sure you remember when Whitney Houston was down and out and artists like Beyonce swore that her star will never fade on their watch. Beyonce was so romantic about how she used to qeue for Whitney's autograph. The question would be, what happened to the girls who used to qeue for Sis Busi's autograph?

While not condoning victim mentality it is just funny that our politicians are going to, at some stage use her demise for politicking.

It's so sickening how our entertainers are used like condoms and get thrown into the next rubbish bin immediately the audience has had its orgasm.

Well, we can complain all we want but the people who should be caring for her are those who collect her taxes and who'll name a street after her in Newtown when she's gone.
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