Friday, June 01, 2007


Eat or be eaten - life in Kruger

Yesterday our designer Gregg Coppen from iaminawe sent me this amazing YouTube clip taken at the Kruger National Park. It has got nothing to do with music, I know, but then it’s a Friday and just another absolutely stunning day in Cape Town! And a change is almost as good as a holiday!

This 8:23 min clip is a celebration of life! This poor buffalo calf gets to discover 1st hand the dangers of being a little guy in the bush, when he has to deal with hungry lions, crocs and their inability to agree on who is actually going to get to eat him. But then, as with most fairytales, this one too has a great ending!

Really worth the stream-wait. Have a wonderful weekend folks!

(Grrrr - for some reason I couldn't embed the YouTube clip - so here is the link!

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i watched that clip and thought it was incredible too. however, i felt sorry for the lions. hope they learned to kill quickly for the next time. then they could have returned at their leisure.
Incredible action. Just goes to show never discount the underdog.
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