Saturday, June 02, 2007


The Mt Everest team at CTIA

John Brand, Mike Patterson & Ronnie Muhl

Last night saw a very thin looking, but happy, South African team arrive safely in Cape Town, after their unforgettable experiences on Chomolungma, or Mount Everest. We were part of a relieved group of families, and I am sure that everyones first thought was to get the guys home to fatten them up!

Cape Storm, who sponsored some of the teams gear, was also there in force and even had a poor guy standing there in a full high altitude down suit...

They are going to be chilling this week, but I understand that there will be a press conference at KFM on Wednesday morning.

I have no desire to ever attempt climbing a mountain such as Mount Everst, but is searching for information about guys has really given me a lot of respect for everyone who goes up to challenge her slopes. Every person who does, I believe, is a hero; but we will never really understand or be a part of what they have gone through, because every journey is a personal one. We can just admire them, and understand that life will never be the same for each.

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