Thursday, July 12, 2007


Bergie birthday!

Its my birthday. Hoot hoot, hooray hooray, and hip hip yippee! So all day I have been getting calls, Facebook messages, emails and all kinds of exciting wishes from friends, family and artists - wonderful stuff! (Right - I even got a cake!)

Its always nice getting pampered, and when you’re the only male in the office it is much more fun getting hugs and kisses from your co-workers! Eat your hearts out boys (and girls)!

I think that this is also a good time to introduce the newest member to the Peak Performances team, Miss Jamie Van der Walt. Jamie joined us at the beginning of July and has successfully survived the first 2 weeks of normal, every-day Peak office life – and that includes another of our team building/staff training days with Mark Berger at the Blue Peter Hotel, where we get down and dirty with the nitty-gritty of realizing the Peak dream.

Jamie is going to be the first point of contact on the phones, and we already have to set out a diary of appointments with all the people who have had contact that want to meet her! With a couple of City and Guilds Diplomas under her belt for Hotel management as well as a college course in Advertising, Jamie brings a number of skills to the Peak setup – apart from being the youngest chicken in the office.

So to all those who sent wishes – Ag dankie man – and hope everyone has a doppie tonight!

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