Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Mimicing KFC Popcorn

Its Denise’s birthday today (Happy Happy D!), so last night the office went out for a bit of a night on the town. As a special treat for D, we arranged that Ferdinand Rabie, who we have been working with of late, to come and join us for a drink (or a few). And the character that everyone thinks he is, is pretty close to the character that he is – he had us all laughing within 2 minutes of arriving; apart from greeting everyone as if they were long lost friends, and all the ladies as if they were ex-girlfriends!

As an update, Ferdi arrived for lunch too today – getting all the girls into a tizz – of which we had to take a few shots to prove it! (Right - Ferdi was gryping Denise and Angie)

I was also sent a video clip yesterday of an ad I did a few years ago (by Fresh Water Films), in which I made KFC’s Popcorn so famous that they had to change the name!

The day of filming was such a cool one – I was at, what I regarded as my regular haunt, at the V&A Waterfront, and all I had to do was enjoy myself! Its not like the performing was foreign to me, or that the crowds that the film crew attracted made me nervous! We even had a rent-a-crowd; a set-full of extras to fill up the plaza, and for me to use as victims, which attracted more people, until it almost seemed like a normal day at the office. That is, except that on a normal day I don’t usually have a towel-slave, who would dab me down, fan me cool, and bring the straw in my Red Bull to my lips… But we all have dreams!

So here’s a copy of that ad – ahhh nostalgia for the past! Twas lots of fun!

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