Wednesday, July 11, 2007


Watching rugby with Bill Flynn

It is always a sad thing when a well known artist passes away, and Bill Flynn has been a big part of South Africa’s comedy scene for a long time, and so will be missed.

I met him a few times, but the first time was the most memorable. It was during the Tri-Nations, and the Bokke were playing the Aussies. I was sharing a house with a mate of Bill’s, Murray Stewart from Milestone Studios (who had MNet), and because I was performing until just before the game, it meant I'd have to watch the first half with the white face. Murray asked me to just arrive and sit down without saying anything.

The game had started when I came jogging up the stairs, made-up and looking swanky from my show. I just walked into the room and sat down to watch the game, without even looking at the guys.

Bill looked at Murray, questioning, his face asking, “Wat die jel?”, and Murray shrugged his shoulders as if he had no idea where I had come from… Bill had a good chuckle when I eventually introduced myself, and we settled into watching the game, shouting a the highs, vloeking at the lows; watching with possibly the biggest Springbok fan out there.

Thanks to Zoopy, here is a short farewell to the big man…

Update 70/07/18 - In case there is anybody who doesn't yet know. There is a Memorial Service for Bill Flynn, who died of a heart attack just last week, on Friday 20 July at the Plumstead Methodist Church at 10a.m. and the wake to follow at the
Baxter Theatre at 12.30p.m.

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