Thursday, November 01, 2007


Rugby, renovations and the sound of music

I couldn’t start my first blog in months without mentioning just how great it is to be a South African rugby fan at the moment. I felt it in my heart during the whole tournament, that this was the team to be able to do it for us, and damn, it’s so good to be right!

There has been such an energy pulsating on the streets of Cape Town, and you can feel the proud glow of everyone around you. I took my boys to Newlands on Monday to see the team, along with some 40 000 other people, and it was a real ‘frog-in-the-throat’ emotional high! Its good for this country.

The Peak girls have been very patient with me while I’ve been renovating the bathroom, as the Nice Toilet that was parked in our driveway for 6 weeks, has been collected. Being a male its quite fun to stand in a shady spot in the garden, closely inspecting the resident insect population going about their day-to-day business while ‘watering’ their tree; but I just couldn’t get the girls enthused to my level of bunny-hugging status…

We closed up our home for three weeks and camped in the garden, because when you start a little DIY in the home, more and more projects jump up to bite you, so our kitchen got a face-lift and the rest of the house new flooring; while we were at it.

It was fun. It was messy. It was very educational. But that’s it for me. The finger-nails have been manicure, the grout and plaster-paint has been washed out from under my cuticles, and the music has rid me of that incessant drill-induced ringing in my ears (right - more about Chris Chameleon's concert coming!). I’m also finding welcome relief in the costumes of our entertainers, as opposed to Mr. B’s builder’s crack that smiled at me daily during the whole project!

So here’s to summer, to music and laughter, and getting back to some real hard work again!

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