Tuesday, October 24, 2006


Brenda Fassie - Vulindlela

It was a hell of a shock hearing yesterday’s news about Lebo, as I mentioned in my previous post. Today’s news tells more of her last moments; of how she had been thrown clear of her Land Cruiser Prado meaning she wasn’t wearing safety-belts; that there were so few injuries visible, but that she had been crushed internally; that the driver either fell asleep behind the wheel, or was distracted – enough to lose control.

There are so many lessons to be learnt by this tragedy.

It seems to be a sad time for South Africa, also having recently lost Moses Kumalo to death that could have been prevented.

Sipho Gumede, Moses Molelekwa, TK, Ben Shabalala, Chas Smit, Gito Baloi & Brenda Fassie (UPDATE - and now Jabu Khanyile...)– these are all artists in the last number of years – all huge talents that are lost to us well before their time.

Ma Brrrr, as Brenda was known, is one of the most famous residents of Langa Township, just outside Cape Town. Ma Brrr was the undisputed queen of SA music, and even felt she had the right to class herself as the Madonna of Africa. And she was – she sold more albums than Madonna did, and enjoyed shocking her audiences just as much! But she lived life in the fast lane, and it eventually caught up with her.

So, in honour of fallen hero’s, I would like to feature Ma Brrr’s hit Vulindlela. That we can all enjoy every day as if it is our last that; we look around and appreciate who we are, and where we are, and most of all that we think, and take care of ourselves.

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