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CODA launches Beautiful

When: 22 November 2006 - 7 PM
Where: Planet Bar, Mount Nelson Hotel

Very cool. Coda is launching their debut album titled ‘Beautiful’.
And we had a small part to play in it - that makes me proud!

Hell! Right in the begining I even wrote to Gabi le Roux, and said something in-line with – this is what they look like, the is what they sound like, and read a bit about who they are, and let me know what you think - you want to work with them?
And he wrote:

From: Kaleidosound
Sent: 14 November 2005 10:12 PM


Subject: RE: CODA

Hi Rouvanne...,
This is undoubtedly a class act with a great musical pedigree. I listened to the track and, being a Cafe DM and BB fan myself, needless to say..."I get it" Beautifully done guyz!

More specifically here are my comments:

1) The live Accordion is a prominent feature in the track...can I assume that was a live accordion sampled track contributed from vinyl by Nick?
If so, I need to be a little frank and critical, it sounds so pure and Continental that not many listeners would make the connection that it was the DJ element? One would simply assume it's a member of the band who plays a great Accordion? Having only had the benefit of listening to 1 track, I'd like to encourage Nick to experiment more...i.e. "fck around" a bit more DJ-wise...That's what may make you guys even more unique? Having said that, I love the electronic sequenced pops that moves around the stereo profile , as well as the big atmospheric "sweeps" that end some of the phrases...nice man! Gimme more!

2) Cello...hey...what can I say? It's mesmerising! Again maybe just experiment more with effects now and then and then bring it back to "dry" again? Even a bit more agression here and there (chops, plucks, etc...) Great tone, tuning etc!

3) Violin? there any? If so, then I'm dumb enough to have confused it with the Cello played in upper register? I love Electric violin, having grown up on "Jean Luc Ponty".

4) Vocals...nice lazy, jazzy delivery. Diction not very clear, but I suspect that could be technically beefed up by adding slightly more compression and a bit of exciter set on around 4500. Some likeness to Cezaria Evora?

All in all...a GREAT CONCEPT, yet I feel not taken far enough. SO...If you guys should find that I may be suitable to collaborate with, then here's what I'd like to do.

1) Start off just doing one track to see if we have chemistry.

2) In this track, go a bit more up-tempo dance-ish, using more sampling and "abstract" DJ elements. Experiment with both Cello and Violin FX processing and then contrast it by bringing it back to "dry", etc. Use more Electronic and acoustic percussive elements.

3) Introduce unmistakable African elements, to "tag" it as "not just another European release..." This can be done vocally, as well as using sampled traditional instruments (tonal and atonal).

4) Do 2 mixes of the track, one Radio and one specifically more experimental and extended for club use...even "dubby"?

Hope my praises, criticisms and suggestions are taken in the spirit of the huge respect I have for your collective musicianship and the great concept you guys devised.

Best Regards,


That’s what Gabi said a year ago, and they had only been together for two roughly months - with famous cricketer Jacques Kallis' Benefit function in Cape Town being the first corporate gig they did for us, as a trio...

Now they have put together their collective creativity, with Gabi and Grenville Williams from Godessa fame having worked on some tracks, and completed their first CD - Beautiful. Just beautiful!

When: 22 November 2006 - 7 PM
Where: Planet Bar, Mount Nelson Hotel

So get yourself to the Planet Bar – and be a witness to something great.

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