Saturday, April 28, 2007


13 & still going strong!

It’s the first day of our 13th year of freedom; 13 years of new hope; 13 years young and still going strong!

Long live South Africa!

Yesterday brought back the very powerful memories I have of standing in that long-snaking queue, the chill and cloudy weather daring us to flee for shelter and warmth of a secure home; half the whities trembling anxiously – would the rumours that had been whispered quietly around dinner tables, in car-parks and during business meetings actually happen? Would they be swept into the sea, followed by the coloureds, the Indians and the Asians? Would the swart-gevaar finally become a reality?

Thirteen years later, I think that the only danger we have had is in our own fears and inaction. It has been our lack of understanding, a hesitancy to go out and break down barriers, to forge new relationships and find acceptance of our vast diversity, that has held us back. I am talking about the man on the street, the people who share this wonderful country, together, regardless of who is in power, or what our past has been – it is the us on the street who makes this country what it is.

Our country has a long history; a history that includes many cultures, much hardship & suffering, and unfortunately we can’t say that that is all in the past, because there are still tough times ahead – but I am excited to be a part of this re-growth. I look ahead, and try to enthuse others to feel the same excitement; of building a future together, and being proud of our place in the international community. (Jasper & his buddy Chantal)

These are exciting times.

Last night I went to dinner with some of the brilliant young minds of Cape Town, enjoying a great meal at the Cape Town Hotel School Restaurant, who played host to the April get-together known as the 27 Dinner. Techies, internet fundi’s and some pretty awe-inspiring bloggers met to talk about innovation on the net; projects that they are working on; enthusing these passionate people who are part of South Africa’s new media. They are making a difference, though I feel it is still only the beginning!

Hosted by the infectiously energetic Dave Duarte, I was chuffed to meet and listen to the words of people like Graham Knox of Stormhoek Wine, Uno de Waal, Tania (who knows just everybody), cartoonist Mike Scott, Rowan from MyVideo, the whole team from, the Hunter of Genius Maximillian Kaisen , and Glen from The ZA Show

I felt inspired, and am looking forward to helping bring South Africa towards that place it rightly deserves to be. A place we can safely leave to our children.

Viva South Africa Viva!

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Nice one Rouvanne! Was awesome spending Freedom Day with you.

We all have a lot to be thankful for, living in a space and time that allows us the luxury of living out our dreams. All made possible through connecting unselfishly towards the bigger dream we all share. And through incredible technology of course :)
Lovely to read your passion for South Africa! See this post for another reason to love the people of this country - Click here.

I will be joining the 27 dinner in Joburg for the first time next month and am looking forward to the experience.

Take care . . .

what joy to meet you Rouvanne! looking forward to some hearty groundshaking collaborative work ..was a gr8 was to celebrate Freedom Day.

And you're so right.. it IS only the beginning ;-D
Pity we didn't get to chat a bit..but I'm definitely making plans for the next one.

We'll catch up then.
Definitely! It was my first dinner, so I had to get over some of my own nerves and get used to some of the faces!

Look forward to it!
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